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Pistoia : a low speed city, an  exibition of old greetings cards without cars…

Everything now is high speed , everybody is running but how  was looking a  city without cars?

By the biggest library  in Tuscany – that is in Pistoia – – until the end of January you could see an old collection of postcards from Pistoia & its district with empty streets , just people walking ….cam’t imagine now such a paradisiac scenery !

Of course what I loved most  is the old wood carriage ( made in Pistoia by Enrico Trinci & son founded in 1837 ) in use until early 1920’s  , with its broccato cardinal red  velvet just parked at the entrance of the exibition to remind when our grandparents were  travelling very very slow but with great class.

Enjoy my photos & if you are in Tuscany now, don’t miss it.