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Pistoia’s gem :ever had an  aperitivo in a greenhouse & in a kitchen garden? Here you can!

I have already told you about Pistoia that has been called  “city of green”  because of its nurseries plant & greenhouses , exporting plants & trees all over the world to create fab private & public gardens /parks ,right?

This time I wish to share with you this beautiful location where having a yummy & relaxing aperitivo ,   in spring  & summer time  only  ,  just open last July , in a  rural – chic location immersed in the nature of tall trees  &  plants – the greenhouse by Mati Piante since 1909 in Pistoia  – – & with an organic garden with aromatic herbs used to cook tasty  Tuscan receipes  with the vegetables from  the same garden.

A lovely evening spent with my  girlfriends sipping a good wine  from a local winery introduced by the owner of the wine estate and followed to an interesting  guided tour of the garden by the chef Vincenzo Volpe  & the owner Paolo Mati  ( who also runs the Restaurant  “ToscanaFair” open for lunch & dinner  ) who explained us every different kitchen garden production starting from an original kind of  tomato called of the ” viandante ” –  in English “of the wayfarer”- to another  Mexican light green one , with short leaves  as a nut shell , the small yellow watermelon, the red chicory & the garlic aromatic herb  & many more including a very original  variety of  bicromatic sage .

A concert of smells & flavours all over in the fresh air of the night & what I felt most was the  passion they have for their two jobs: growing  plants to dress up the envirronment & vegetables to enjoy  the palate & the sight 😍🌳🌲🌿🌺🌾🍡🍅🍊🍆

Well done Mati Piante since 1909 in ….Pistoia ,  of course, wherelse?

My girlfriends & me

Paolo Mati – the owner – & the chef Vincenzo Volpe

The wayfarer tomato