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Truffle Hunt

Truffle Hunt

Tuscany is the region where you can discover artistic, architectonical, traditional and historical jewels, but can offer much more surprising richness. The nature of his territory and the climate make of this land the perfect place for hidden diamonds: the truffles!!! Any season has its own truffles, the black ones you can find almost all year round and the renowned white ones, which season starts in October. Enjoy an unbelievable day immersed into the beautiful nature of Tuscany in an interactive experience, hunting truffles with the dog and the expert hunter. Lear about all the secrets of the trade: where this real jewel of the groove hides itself, how to train the dogs and how to recognize the perfect place. At the end of your hunting s time to treat yourself with a truffle-based lunch or if you want a truffle-based cooking class where the chef will welcome you in his kingdom to reveal all the secrets to prepare a perfect meal using this powerful treasure of Tuscany.

After your lunch rejoin your driver for a relaxing journey back home