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Certaldo : a Medieval beautiful hamlet in Tuscany!

Certaldo : a Medieval beautiful hamlet in Tuscany!

Have you ever heard about Certaldo before?

Maybe because the renowned writer & poet Giovanni Boccaccio – The Decameron’s author –  was born here …..

and its home museum so interesting to visit with books & even old shoes dated 1300 and aspectacular view from the tower over the hamlet that till today maintained its old façades in red bricks & its hisorical palaces &Church 

 …..or maybe because of its special delicious red  onion  called “Certaldo ‘s Onion ” an excellent product under SlowFood Presidia …. even Boccaccio wrote about it in one if his novel!

La Fontaine smiled reading Boccaccio,Shakespeare cried

….or maybe because of its annual summer event since 1987  , Mercantia with its multicolours street artists & the amazing  live show  in its narrow streets…

Prof.Francesca Allegri presenting the Boccaccio ‘s Home Museum

Giovanni Boccaccio

He loved mankind

….maybe just because of its original hand painted ceramics & potteries  by & its classes to learn how to make them?


MERCANTIA 2016 : July 13th – 17th

….or maybe because of its artistic cappuccinos  & espresso coffee made by Caffè Boccaccio ?

Soooo many places to visit here and goodies… taste!

Sheep cheese & Certaldo’s onion jam

Certaldo’s onion jam

I had a great lunch with typical Tuscan dishes by  and

Pappa al pomodoro

Medieval dancers around our table with a fantastic music appeared to me as in a dream!
Or maybe have you heard about the original Nail Museum?
or for sure , you heard about Vicari’s palace, so beautiful with its cots of arms & its courtyard 

Certaldo’s Major Giacomo Cucini, Francesca Pinoci Culture Councillor & Architect Massimo Tosi

Professor Massimo Tosi

or maybe for Silvia Borgogni printmaking workshop?

maybe you would love  to bring home some delicious souvenir and so…let stop by La Dolce Vita !where life is really sweet 😋☺️😉 or having a great cooking experience  by 

Think I told you enough for now to invite you to visit Certaldo as it is a  gem in the countryside between Florence & Siena & just 10 km from the most well known San Gimignano.

Don’t miss it if you want to see a real  Tuscan hamlet !👍🔝😉