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Cheese and red wine tour

Cheese and red wine tour

Be part of our oldest traditions and let your local experts introduce you to authentic Tuscany country lifestyle. Discover some of our most genuine products still made with the recipes and ways of our ancestors, once made for the needs of the family, now to treat the palate of anybody: cheese and wine, a perfect combination!

Pay a visit to a local cheese farm with your expert guide and enjoy a day surrounded by nature learning all about the process of the Pecorino cheese making. The shepherd will show you how to start with sheep’s milk and how to transform it the world-renowned Pecorino cheese. Then we will learn the different methods of aging and the different types of Pecorino: young, aged stronger, delicate, fresh….. and obviously taste and enjoy all of them!!

At the end of the tour we visit a local winery for a tasting of Chianti Classico, the best way to dive deep into the genuine spirit of the Chianti region!