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I don’t wanna be Master Chef :   my easy pumpkin & leek soup ( as Italian women are not all chefs!)

I don’t wanna be Master Chef :   my easy pumpkin & leek soup ( as Italian women are not all chefs!)

Let’s start a new category for my blog :


Who said Italian women are always cooking elaborated meals??

We are  very busy as every woman in the world is but….we don’t like to buy cooked food by other people ( or at least is what I am not doing & my family & friends don’t do except very rare cases)or we prefer to have a pizza in a restaurant & doing nothing at all😜

Who said all of us are making pasta at home? who told you that in Italy we are all Master Chef?? 

I am a native Tuscan woman born in a Tuscan family with deep Italian roots based on heathy & fresh food but I din’t cook complicated receipes at all & don’t spend mornings doing this.

 These easy receipes are those I invented for myself & want to share with other  women as me , who cannot or don’t want to spend  too much time in the kitchen but want to eat tasty handmade  food without buying them already cooked in a  supermarket.

I love eating good food & prefer doing it by myself as I think it is healthier, better & …cheaper too!

I have to admit that I don’t like to follow a receipe and when I do it often I change some of the ingredients depending if I haven’t them in my fridge or not or just to add my personal touch to the dish😉

Usually the result is very good & it  surprises myself  every time  🙃🙃🙃so let’s try my easy receipe & let me know if you liked it, if I can do it you can too!

Let’s start :

half pumkin from Mantova ( it has been just nominated the Italian capital of  the culture for 2016)

two leeks

three carrots

some salt

a quarter of a  pomagranate

some bacon or speck in sticks

black pepper


extra virgin oil

Cleaning & cut the pumpikin adding carrots& leek,salt & water

let it boil until it is soft, then mix it as a creamy purè 

add crispy sticks  of bacon fried WITHOUT oil in a pan ( if you are vegan or veg you can avoid to add it & you don’t miss the good taste)

put   the soup in a plate adding some pepper , the pomagranate seeds , bacon or speck & extra virgin oil  to guarnish it & that’s all!

Light, easy & tasty😜👍🔝perfect for a grey autumnal dinner, enjoy🍷