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MadeinPistoia : berlingozzo cake,sweet memories of the child I’ve been

MadeinPistoia : berlingozzo cake,sweet memories of the child I’ve been

A very very simple  Tuscan cake everybody can do : for a perfect home breakfast ,dipped  into hot milk or tea  ,or as an afternoon break with a cup of coffee or after dinner or lunch with a glass of Vinsanto ( dessert wine from Tuscany) so, it doesn’t have to be very soft because it has to be dipped …somewhere!

Not many ingredients : only flour , eggs,butter,sugar,lemon peel, milk & raising powder 😋😋😋

unfortunately  not so common in Tuscan families anymore as corn flakes,  muesli or a croissant took its place now

 My grandmother Gina made it at home every Sunday morning and the scent was all over the kitchen ..included my bedroom👏👏

For me it was the best wake up ever!!!So glad to jump out of the bed to taste it still warm😋😋😋

Being an only child I think  I’ve been a very lucky babygirl : living with my grandparents  together with my parents in the same home  – it was very common in the sixties in Italy – I’ve tried so  many delicious dishes made by my grandmother who was a very good cook.

As I didn’t eat too much when I was a child ( not like today!) she was used to feed me telling stories in front of the window so I could open my mouth without realizing it 😂😂😂

She used to sing while she was cooking & this is something I am still doing when I am enjoying prepearing a nice meal for my family or friends.

Cooking wasn’t a duty for her but a real pleasure & I loved helping her in prepearing cakes but also meat sauce , ragout! That’s why I prefer pasta & cakes now? who knows..

Would you like to have the receipe? just leave me a message I will be glad to share it with you❤️ my sweet memories !

My grandmother Gina in 1930