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This is for my foodies’ friends: “cenci”a typical fried dough 4 Carnival

As my grandmother Gina used to make with me, now it was time 4 me with my daughter  Francesca!

From my old receipes’ book ( a bit dirty, sorry !  I know, but it is also full of good memories  & I don’t want to have any new other one but …THIS!!) .

Different names for the same kind of fried daugh : chiacchere ( chats in English) or rags , CENCI , in Italian.

Easy to make if you gave an old pasta machine as mine or by hands , but the most lovely thing is that you need TIME & HELP  from someone & so you can talk and sharing not just   preparing goodies but also your precious time…making food is also a kind of love !

Enjoy my photos & if you like try to make them the receipe is like my grandma used to make : by eyes not by measures!!!! so strange for my daughter who watches Master Chef on TV now😂😂😂